Tax Efficiency

Tax Efficiency

An accountant’s job is to ensure your paperwork is in order and you report what you need to on time. They also help you run your business efficiently.

But is that all?

We believe it’s part of our job to help you get the most from your money and retain as much of your hard-earned income as possible.

Let’s look at an example.

The case of PPS Limited.

The director shareholder decided that he wanted to give himself a pension by investing in property.

To the uninitiated, this would present a good number of challenges. However, we helped the business achieve this without needing to take taxed dividend income out of the company.

This means the owner, a high-earning consultant, can make tax-efficient investments in a property portfolio without having to pay higher rate tax on his income.

We like to have long-term relationships with our customers. We want to get to know them and their needs. To be honest, we’re not interested in being a mere letterbox through which clients post their numbers, and a fully-formed tax return comes out the other side.

We’re more than that.

Working with us, you’ll be at the centre of a team dedicated to making your business a success and helping you keep hold of as much of your money as you can - legally and ethically.

Join us today for a 90-day money back guarantee trial and see what a different type of accountant can do for you.

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