Announcing a new, simpler way to do your accounts

Accounting software designed specifically for freelancers, contractors and their accountants.

If you still use spreadsheets for your accounting, you’ll probably have experienced one or all of these problems:

  • One small error can throw all your calculations out and you might spent hours correcting it;
  • Sending files backwards and forwards between you and your accountant is a pain;
  • You are limited by your knowledge of spreadsheets.

Do you really want to spend time learning them that could spent better on your business? Of course not. Well, now there’s a better way.


FreeAgent dramatically cuts down the time you spend on your accounts. Developed by an IT contractor who just wanted to free himself from spreadsheets, it’s evolved into a fully-fledged accountancy system that will help you run your business more efficiently and with less stress. FreeAgent is a massive step forward from all the other systems you used in the past. It transformed the way we work with our clients and it will revolutionise the way you do your admin too.

  • See all your bank balances, invoices, bills and expense claims at a glance
  • Share documents with us wherever in the world you are; we can talk you through your accounts in real time using FreeAgent cloud software
  • Avoid the cost of initial investment, never-ending upgrades and maintenance of technology and software
  • Enjoy a simple and streamlined service from your dedicated accountant, who’ll be the only point of contact here you’ll ever need.
  • FreeAgent has become the industry standard for contractor businesses and is entirely portable unlike software provided by other firms of accountants which is often bespoke and ties you into using their services forever.
  • Now you’ll know exactly where you stand.
  • FreeAgent will give you an up to date picture of how much money you can take out of the company and how much tax you’ll need to pay.
  • No more spreadsheets and no more nasty shocks!

How to create an invoice

How to send an invoice


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