Sales Agents

Sales Agents

We are the Sales Agents' Accountants

As a successful sales agent, you probably spend a lot of time on the road. You may also also juggle a number of products and clients.

As your income is entirely commission-based, you have to be quite savvy about how you manage your money.

You’re trying to build a business, you don’t need the added stress of cash flow concerns and whether or not you have enough put aside for tax.


We’re specialist accountants who have been working with people like you for more than 10 years. We know all the ups and downs and are expert in helping you steady the ship so you can concentrate on what you love doing. Selling and growing.


Working with us you’ll:

Enjoy the support of a dedicated, certified accountant who’ll help you with day-to-day problems

Get accountancy software that’s tailor-made for people like you

Have a guiding hand to help you grow and make the most of your business and the incomes you earn from it.


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