Freelance Creatives

Freelance Creatives

We are the freelance creatives’ accountant

As a freelance creative, you power some of the world’s greatest brands. It's estimated that in the UK alone, creative jobs add £70 billion a year to the economy.

You work in advertising, design, publishing, television, music or the arts. You're also part of the country’s most dynamic and forward-looking sectors.


You often work in stressful conditions with tight deadlines and long payment cycles. That makes it difficult to manage your way through income peaks and troughs and plan for the future.


Wouldn’t it be great, then, if your accountant could help maintain a constant income all the time? One that’s expert at making sure you hold on to as much of your money as possible while keeping the tax man happy.


Well, that’s exactly what the Acconomy team does.

We'll give you a dedicated an accountant and easy to use software. With accounting peace of mind, you'll be free to create great work for your clients. And grow your business just how you want.


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